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An easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful broker platform

Finally, a solution specifically developed
for a Charter Brokerage

Manage all of your quote requests and booked trips in one place.

  • Keep track of all operator quotes under a single and simple format.
  • Store all operator quotes underneath the quote to your client for easy retrieval.
  • Manage your markups – easily add percentage based or flat dollar markups.
  • Build and email quotes as well as itineraries to the client directly from the system from any device, computer, tablet or phone.
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Build a trip itinerary for a client and track the process from end to end, including operator quotes.
  • Easily build a trip sheet once the trip is booked by the client which includes all the details you need.
  • Add your standard contract terms and we will build your contract for you. Need to add a custom term to the specific contract? You can do so easily in the booking process.

Anywhere, anytime. 24/7

  • Jet Rebellion formats to whatever device you are are on (Phone, Tablet or PC). The system quotes and sends emails for customer quotes and trip sheets from any device. You can build a trip, quote it, and send an itinerary from your phone if you are away from your computer.
  • Build, manage and distribute quotes and trip itineraries from any device
  • Based on leading-edge cloud based infrastructure, Jet rebellion is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We handle your complex trips

  • Use multiple operators for one customer trip. Easily combine quotes from multiple operators into one quote for your client.

No more searching for missing operator quotes

  • Upload every quote you get from an operator into Jet Rebellion so you never lose a quote again!

Segment your customers the way you want to

  • You choose if someone is an administrator to let them see all customer data or define the system so a single broker sees only their own accounts.

Build internal teams

  • You can build internal teams, where everyone on the team sees trip data for that team, but nobody outside the team can see anything.


  • Intelligent reporting systems on broker activity and bookings, as well as client activity and bookings.

Join some of the leading charter brokerages and grow your business exponentially.

We grow with your needs. When it comes to improving your brokerage system, you can bring your most innovative ideas to life, if we don’t have them covered already.

Whatever modules or features may come to your mind, we will always support you 24h a day, year after year.


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